Using the JMK Icon

These icons may be used in any way, however a few simple guidelines may or may not be followed to ensure your website or YouTube channel looking good.

512 pixel
256 pixel
128 pixel

1. Size

The JMK Icons are available in multiple sizes. For small uses, the 128px size should be used, etc. This is to avoid scaling artifacts and other things to keep your channel looking good.

2. Color

If the JMK Icons blend too well with the background, but don't fit in properly, they may look out of place. Try to blur the area around the logo or use a shadow to ensure contrast.

3. Use

You may, but shouldn't, set the JMK Icons as one of the following:

  • A social media profile avatar

  • An icon for your product or custom spin of the JMK Project

  • Favicons for websites

  • Website logo

  • Etc.