How to create a JINF file

JINF files are simple files that future versions of JMK Launcher will read to get app information and version numbers. A JINF file can contain any information the author desires, but a normal JINF file contains this:

- JINF file -

- Created by (your name here) -

- (date created) -

- (app description) -

name begin:(the name of your app):name end

desc begin:(app description):desc end

ver begin:(version of the app):ver end


If you would like to put extra information in your file, here's how. Please note that all lines contained in a - are not read by the computer.

(name of what you want to be shown) begin:(something here):(whatever you called it) end

For example, if I wanted to show how much file space the ExampleApp takes up on the system when run, I would put this in:

diskSpaceNeeded begin:1.60 KB:diskSpaceNeeded end

Valid names for variables in .jinf files include:

diskSpaceNeeded (how much disk space this app requires)

isInstaller (is this application a installer? *automatically enables canMakeFiles, canEnableMods, canRunAsExec, canRunOtherPrograms*)

requiresElevation (requires administrator permissions?)

canMakeFiles (can create files in places that the user has permission to?)

canDeleteFiles (can delete files that the user has permission to delete?)

canEnableMods (can enable system-wide modifications?)

canDisableMods (can disable system-wide modifications?)

canRunOtherPrograms (can run other .japs?)

canDeleteOtherPrograms (can delete other .japs?)

canRunAsExec (can run as .jap?)

msCompatibility (works on Windows/DOS/OS2?)

posixCompatibility (works with mac/unix/linux?)

name (name of app)

desc (description of app, multiline)

ver (version of app)